See Food!!!! Bombora, Wollongong.


A lovely autumn day in the glorious Australian city of Woolongong, NSW and I am enjoying the glorious weather, scenic views and cozy atmosphere.

bomboraBombora is located off a pier on the Wollongong harbour and prides itself on fresh and local seafood. This place is very popular, but relaxed. While there is table service, you order and pay at the counter prior to your meal, similar to a local hotel bistro. I love this style of service as there is no need to frantically glance around for wait staff while you tummy rumbles and you start to feel anxious that no one will serve you until you reach the ‘hangry’ point.

I oped for the lunch time 2 course special and so did my dining partner. They chose an entree (which we would share) and a main and I decided upon a main and desert (to share). I don’t feel guilty about dessert here and there, especially if it is a small portion to share.

We were seated at a lovely table beside the window and before long our entire arrived. Istanbul style stuffed mussels, cooked to perfection. Prior to this dish, I thought I disliked mussels. The aromatic combination of savoury, with a hint of sweetness has completely changed my opinion.

Next, came the main. My dining partner chose the chicken parmigiana (not gluten free) and I decided upon the chargrilled Atlantic salmon. The dish arrived complete with baked chickpeas and goats cheese. Both of which, one might avoid if opting for a truly paleo friendly option. However, I allowed myself to enjoy the lot. Not a hint of gluten in sight, but the best salmon meal I have had to date.


I can’t leave out the best part; chocolate mousse for dessert. Technically, one could say this dish is gluten free as it does not require wheat products. The brownie pieces on the side were a little different, however. This dish took a great reastaurant into a level that is often only reached by formal fine dining venues. The deconstructed dessert took me by complete surprise and the result was a delicious feast for the eyes, as well as the taste buds.

If you’re watching your portion control, my suggestion is to stick with the main only. The fare is generous and the variety of meal options allow for anyone to enjoy a nutritious and amazing meal.

I’ll be back!


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