Battlerope Bombshell

The tight sensation in my legs, back and arms signal the upcoming delayed onset muscle soreness.  This morning, I have put myself through another 7 minutes of ‘battle rope bliss’ and my body will thank me for it eventually.

I have known about and occasionally used this amazing training tool for years.  Only recently, I have incorporated it into my workouts with more regularity.  At this stage, my program consists of intervals of high output, followed by an equal amount of rest.  The result is a tough muscular endurance, strength and metabolic conditioning exercise.

While it is quite novel and fun, it is important to remember that correct form is vital for the best outcome.  Battle ropes have an ability to provide instant feedback on poor technique.  However, it is still possible to make a few errors here and there.

The key to successful battle rope use:

  • Pull the rope tight and then take a step in.  Here is your work point.
  • Focus on the hip hinge for power, not only the arms.
  • Centre your weight and maintain a tight abdomen.
  • Maintain a neutral spine and avoid rounding into the back

I would always suggest getting an experienced and qualified trainer to show you the specifics of the movement if you are new to battle ropes.

Enjoy your next workout!



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