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Hurricane’s Grill and Bar Steakhouse

Hurricane’s at Sydney’s Top Ryde is very typical of the contemporary city dining.  Upon entering, we were ushered to the bar area for an uncertain wait.  Tolerate it or hate it, Sydney is all about waiting in traffic, in queues for basic services and even when dining out.

The restaurant itself is very representative of Sydney; boisterous, busy and filled with different types of people.  Hurricane’s caters well for families with small children and for bored adults waiting for a table.

20170218_192541Our entertainment of choice lay in the interesting selection of cocktails.  My dinner date chose a beautiful strawberry daiquiri and I opted for a less attractive vodka based concoction.  Aside from the appearance and watered down taste, it ended up a lot stronger than I imaged and satisfying by the end.

Soon after receiving our beverages, we were seated.  As expected in a steak house, the cacophony of voices and dining sounds made it almost impossible to communicate with each other, or the waitress.  Fortunately, my dining partner knew my tastes and we ordered our h entre, rack of beef ribs to share and the mandatory garden salad to balance our carnivorous feast.  Our attempts of economic savvy at sharing the main were foiled with a $19 side salad.  I have been to many fine dining establishments and a simple garden salad that is priced accordingly is presented in a way that represents some sort of value.  Unfortunately, the haloumi also left much to be desired.

Not to be deterred, my meal buddy and I reminded each other that this establishment was not known for their alcoholic beverages, entrees or salads, but their ribs and steaks.

20170218_195132The portion was generous and the basting sauce was delicious.  The meat itself was a little more dry than expected and admittedly, I have experienced far better at lesser known establishments.  What saved the day for this meal was the little guy.  The side of sweet potato fries and humble aoli.

I can see myself visiting Hurricanes (at the insistence of others) again for a family function or a birthday.  From observation, groups are attended to promptly and seem to hold the greatest priority.  For a date or catch up with a close friend, I would opt for something a little more intimate.


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